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The energy management system works because we change employee behaviors that improves the energy efficiency of your operation. This sets us apart from other energy companies:

First, we identify waste, eliminate energy waste streams and assign employee accountability in order to get the most for your energy dollar.

Second, we then implement an effective energy management system that delivers immediate savings (see Conservation Corner below).

Third, we train your employees to continue this system and become a resource for future product/process changes.

It's Not The Mousetrap, But How It's Operated

Reducing energy costs is a people problem, not an engineering problem. Employee accountability is critical in reducing energy costs. Technology should only be used as a tool after a technical problem has been identified. It's funny, companies that require daily accountability for each dollar spent on materials or labor will accept spending millions on utilities without the same accountability.

What Makes Us So Affordable

Because we don't have the traditional overhead, we are able to deliver energy management systems at a discounted rate (go to Pricing Page). You don't need to buy expensive equipment or software plus you're guaranteed full payback in less than a year.

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